2012 All New Toyota Avanza Veloz

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 In the livingindonesiaforum there are viewing messages as below : I looked at this new car today...it is the latest top model in the Avanza line-up with a 1.5 engine; ABS brakes and a better suspension system. The styling is also nicer than my 2 year old model. At Rp 180.200,000 for the A/T version, I thought it was good value and ordered one.
The sales girl told us it will be delivered next August.

 All New Toyota Avanza Veloz 2012 | You would have to know, that on 9 November 2011 date of yesterday, TAM has launched a new variant of the generation of the Toyota Avanza Toyota Avanza Veloz All New 2012. this time I Will deliver in full on the Price & Specifications All New Toyota Avanza this Veloz 2012. Here's the all-new 2012 Toyota avanza specs veloz.

I hope this info is sufficient to Provide a picture for you WHO want to indent the latest variant of the product All new Toyota Avanza this Veloz 2012. All new Toyota Avanza 2012 Veloz is also still very affordable as the previous generation. The following list of the all-new 2012 Toyota Avanza veloz All in Surabaya in November 2011:


When viewed from the current price of Avanza, the which is the newest most expensive Rp152, 9 million. Variants of the most selling well are the type of G-engined 1.3-liter, sold Rp152, 9 million. Means the possibility of the All New Toyota Avanza veloz 2012 to approximate the best-selling variants of Rp160 million. Avanza was first class, while the most expensive is Rp190 Avanza 1.5S automatic transmission, 8 million. Specifications for All New Toyota Avanza 2012 Veloz you can see below, the following specifications Veloz All New Toyota Avanza 2012:

For Interior Views of the All New Toyota Avanza 2012 Veloz you can see below, with a fancy design all-new 2012 Toyota Avanza Veloz is so amazing, the interior following the All New Toyota Avanza Veloz 2012:


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